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 Six Eagles
"Hawaii's Gourmet MRE"

XMRE is a large distributor of MREs in the U.S.  Using Wornick components, XMRE supplies the freshest dates around.

We now carry Wise Company freeze dried foods in addition to our MREs! Freeze dried foods are a great compliment to your food storage or hiking supply list. 

Light-weight, affordable, and a bit longer on the shelf life.  We carry in stock the 1 month supply boxes which have a 25 year shelf life!

Coleman Cots Trailhead II Military Style Cot
35in x 75in holds up to 300lbs-$62/Cot

For picture and more details click here:

Coleman® Trailhead™ II Military Style Cot

Why an MRE from Six Eagles Hawaii, Inc.?

Six Eagles is the most trusted name in MRE distribution.  Just ask the people we have been working with: U.S. Coast Guard, Hawaii State Civil Defense, Hawaii National Bank, Hawaii Department of Health, Department of Education - Safety and Security Services Section, Hawai'i Gas, Board of Water Supply, Oceanic Cable, HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, Kauai County Elderly Affairs.

We call it THE PERFECT MEAL!  The MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat) is a packaged meal that requires minimal preparation, no outside fuels to heat up, and no messy cleanup - you simply eat out of the pouches and throw away the trash. 

Complete with main dish entrée, heating unit (non-flammable/non-toxic), snacks, and utensil pack.  All the components come together in a sturdy, waterproof, sealed packaging.  But not all MREs are the same!


* Six Eagles is the largest distributor of MREs in the Pacific.

* Six Eagles offers the lowest price for the most complete MRE available.

* Our MREs are the best tasting!

 Special thanks for the Morning News at KHNL NEWS 8 for having us:

KHNL Video

Special thanks to Dean Sensui and the gang from Hawaii Goes Fishing for having us on the show!  

Who ever said food storage couldn't be fun? 

Special thanks to Iriwin and the rest of the Night Time crew for a great show!

To watch the Andy Bumatai Episode click on the links below:
Part 1-
Part 2-
Part 3-
Part 4-

72 hour kits are available also:

Kits are packed with the necessities to get you by in a bad situation.  Yes, we use our MREs for the food.

72 Hr kit contents:

Six Eagles MREs (6 MREs), Backpack, 6 half liter bottled waters, Multitool, Flashlight, Emergency Blanket, Poncho, First Aid Kit.  Now each kit will come with 550 grade paracord rope-great for a clothes line or other survival needs.  Suggested items you would add yourself include-Important documents, medication, tent, gloves, extra clothes.

 Are you prepared for the next hurricane or emergency situation? 

    If the Bird Flu Pandemic strikes Hawaii, we are told to prepare to wait it out in our homes for months. 

    What if you had to stay at the office to wait out an emergency situation, would you rather be passing the time away eating a hot meal or whatever might have been left in the break room or vending machine? More importantly, what will your family eat if you are not at home?

    In preparation for an emergency, dock strike, or just a weekend hike, one item is a must…a delicious, portable, hot meal.

    Any good chef will tell you that there is an A.R.T. to food.

A - Available - Food needs to be available. Six Eagles is the only distributor of MRE’s in Hawaii. 

MRE shelf life stored at Hawaii room temperature

is approximately 7 years. 

R - Reliable - Six Eagles partners with only the most reputable MRE manufacturers in the U.S.A.

T - Taste - These gourmet MREs are simply the best tasting.  A hot, home-style meal ready to eat. Not canned, dehydrated, or freeze dried. Try it!

    Six Eagles provides an affordable solution to your food storage needs.  

Take a look at our MRE

being prepared.

See the food and watch the heating unit in action:

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